Saturday, June 7, 2008

Noosa is Home.

After a long flight from LA to Brisbane we stepped off to be met by Darryl. He did a great job in the admin of our GSE trip and we are very greatful to him indeed. A bus trip home with at least 1 hours sleep was the final stage of my GSE visit to Canada.To the members of the team,thanks for making my job as team leader an easy one. To the District in Canada and the Clubs concerned thanks so much. June and Myrna hugs to you both for a job well done... I look forward to getting some photos from Matt and visiting clubs in District 9600 for presentations. Anyone in Rotary who is thinking of becoming a team leader ,don't hesitate to apply,it is a great experience and you will meet so many new friends. The family of Rotary is alive and very well. Canada I love you so much. See you all again. I look forward to catching up with my family and Denise when she returns from France.

Bob Ward.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Home Safe and Sound!

Hello everyone! Thought I would do a quick blog to let you know that Bob, Hilda and I arrived home safe and sound this morning, despite nearly missing our connecting flight in LA!! That was an experience in itself - trying to find where we had to check in at LA when the flight was suppose to be boarding! Lucky we made it, only a little flustered!

We had mostly good flights home, only experiencing some rough turbulence on the way to LA, and we got through customs relatively easy. It was also great to be greeted by Darryl on our arrival in Brisbane.

I would like to take this time to once again thank District 5550, DG June, Myrna, our host familes, host clubs and all our wonderful new friends for such a fantastic experience. Your hospitaltiy and friendship was priceless and we all had a fantastic time - THANK YOU! I would also like to thank our district, District 9600, for giving us all this opportunity and allowing us to represent our District. I am sure from the blog that you can see we have had a brilliant time!

Although I am sure I will miss Canada (especially on Tuesday when I go back to work!!), it is nice to be home with my family and unpacking and finding all of my new goodies!

Have a great time in BC Lisa, and New York Matt! Thanks again to all of our new friends, we look forward to seeing you "Down Under" soon! Bec

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thank you Rotary District 5550 and Rotary International

Regina airport on departure with our Assiniboia "family" Leanne & Greg

... and with our Regina family Alison, Janice, Ray and Kathy

The night before departure and a fond farewell to dear friends

At Thompson's Wuskwatim hydro dam with Ted & Vivian

Fred playing piano during our visit to Fort Qu'Appelle

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's time to go

Well today is our last day. We had a great meal at Moxies last night with our Regina family, followed by drinks at Scott and Janice's. I think Scott wanted an excuse to clear out his weird alcohol collection.
It was a great night and have us an opportunity to say good by to some friends!

In a few hours we will be off to the airport. Bob, Bec and Hilda are off home, Lisa is off to BC to meet Jess and I am off to New York. It's been a great time and we have made many new friends, I think we are all looking forward to the break. Though won't take long for us to want to be back in Canada!
Cheers Matt

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3450 feet under Thompson

We had an exciting morning tour of Inco- Nickel mines for an underground tour! It was kind of scary to be going down into the mine shaft 3450 feet below the earth. It was fantastic how they take down all the heavy equipment apart and send them down on the elevator and re -assemble underground in the Garagemahal as they call it. We are enjoying the unique activities ( highlights) of the various towns visited besides the vocations too.

The Pisew falls and the other amazing natural wonders of Canada are fantastic.

Soon it will be time to leave Canada. How time flies when you are having the time of your life. To Fred and the kids I will be home soon. Nohonga kite mamao.

SI - GSE Team member

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pictures speak a thousand words!!

Thought I would add a few more photos of our journey as they really do speak a thousand words and depict the wonderful time we are having. (These are much better to view than my face pulling as well! Am sure my mum will be proud of me!). How fantastic is the photo of Hilda - it's great! Sorry I haven't written any comments about the photos, I am still working out that bit of technology!!

Wednesday in Thompson

Hello all, thought I would put some photos up and show you just some of the things we are up to.

I went and visited a mine site this morning and meet up with the head of OH&S training (Risk Management), very interesting when you are dealing with 10s of people over a km underground compared to our OH&S training were a paper cut is a serious problem! Again it was great to talk to people with similar jobs to me, and find out we are having the same challenges as back home. I then meet up with a heavy Earth machinery contracting company that crushes gravel for roads and for the local nickel mine. I was taken to a quarry and given a tour, though they wouldn’t let me near the explosives….

In responses to Bec’s critique of my dancing I thought I did a great job, considering I didn’t know what I was doing, and just trying to do it like everyone else, while Bec sat down and watched eating dessert!!!

We are getting used to very patch mobile coverage, they don’t have anything like Telstra’s Next G network (gratuitous plug) over here. So we are looking forward to Thursday when we should hit coverage, and meet up with many of the people we have meet on our journey so far!

Anyway we’ve had so much fun over here and have plenty more to come, here are some photos!

The team with Heather at Heather and Mac's place in Dauphin
Bec in Dauphin at a national park (can't remember what it's called)

Ukrainian Catholic Chapel in Dauphin

Bec and Lisa in the Legislator building in Winnipeg-singing the National Anthem

Bob at the Cell Phone (Mobile Phone) olympics - doing his bit for Queen and country

The team at Clearwater Lake view where the ice had pilled up.

Me at the Lake!

Matt on a Quad bike at Clearwater Lake- The Pas, I want one!!

Matt and Lisa in The Pas doing ‘Rick’s Balloon Challenge’

Bob, going horse riding....

Lisa at Pisew Falls